Switchblade Monkeys has confirmed that it's unique online top-down shooter Secret Ponchos has suffered a delay.

The game was originally planned for an April release, but was left out of Sony's April PSN release schedule.

Switchblade Monkeys confirmed following the omission that the game will miss its April release, but didn't confirm a new date. Sony, however, recently posted a comprehensive PS4 release schedule which listed the game for a 'Spring' release.

Secret Ponchos is a uniquely styled "online combat game" that has players battle online to gain notoriety. "These duels are recorded into your character's legacy," explains the developer.

"Players can compete in one-vs-one duels, engage in western style gang fights, or enter the fray with the Free-For-All mode. Upon entering the game, players create and customize their own outlaw(s) which can then be upgraded (both abilities and appearance) as they gain reputation points."

The developer also confirmed that game will get a beta test before its PS4 release "to make sure its rock solid".

Expect more details on that soon.