Some of us don't know how to play real-time strategy games. Some of us just turtle in our initial base until we run out of resources, at which point our brainiac rivals storm the place for an easy victory. That's okay though, because in Prismatic Games LLC' Hex Heroes for the Wii U eShop, which the studio describes as a "party RTS," strategists will use the GamePad to lead up to four allied friends, with the allies sharing screen space on the TV.

As TV players complete objectives and harvest resources, the GamePad player decides how those materials are used. The GamePad overlord can also construct ally-powering buildings and boost the individual stats of teammates, so it might be best to listen to them instead of going Rambo. TV players can select two types from eight unit classes, allowing for combinations of practicality and offense like the Knight/Woodcutter, or purely support-based hybrids like the Woodcutter/Scout.

Teams can take on Hex Heroes' Lair Mode, an attempt to discover and seal off enemy lairs, or brave endless waves of foes in a Horde Mode. If and when your friendships need a break, there's also single-player versions of each, as well as an online, single-player battle mode. Prismatic has also enlisted Banjo-Kazooiecomposer Grant Kirkhope for the game's soundtrack, which certainly doesn't hurt the experience.