New version of the frontend for PC.



Merged sets being added more than once in "\arcade\mame_merged.ini" file
MAME ROMs folder selection was auto-sorting the list
Scan games function now search all MAME folders for .chd files
System node were counting as games when using system view mode
All system nodes were visible when selecting one system (system view mode)
Random game button was bugged again (this feature is very slow when just a fewer games are visible)


Files updated:
-> folder: "\resources\images\"
"about.png"; "logo.png"
-> folder: "\resources\main_icons\"
"statusbar_game_size_emu.ico"; "statusbar_game_size_zip.ico"

Files renamed:
-> folder: "\resources\main_icons\"
"image_12_gameartwork.ico" to "image_07_gameartwork.ico"
"image_13_maws.ico" to "image_08_maws.ico"

Moved "number of screens" from main tool bar buttons to "Games Filters" main menu
Hot-key for "previous image type" is now F9 and for "next image type" is F10
Status bar "standard" size changed to 16x16 icons. 24x24 icons were removed
Image type #1 (game snapshot) cannot be disabled anymore (preferences screen)
Moved screenshots "stretch" and "display parent images" settings back to screenshots popup menu and removed the "settings and special effects" button from the tool bar
Added a "ClrMAMEPro Data File" edit box in "Emulator Setup" screen so you can define a .dat file for all systems that need it to create the games list. There is no need to put a "SEGAModel2Emulator.dat" in "\ini_files\" folder anymore
If the file is not found or not defined, when creating the games list you will be prompted to select one
Read/write resolution settings for "SEGA Model 2 Emulator" was bugged
Also, added support for custom resolutions
Remove "Show expanded Items" menu option from "View" main menu and added a new "Collapse Tree" / "Expand Tree" to toggle between collapse and expanded
Merged sets are a MAME exclusive feature from now on. This front-end will not support merged sets for any other system, including MAME based ones (AGEMAME, PinMAME, HazeMD, etc...)
The follwing options are now MAME exclusive features (games popup menu):
-> "Run Game and Playback Input"
-> "Run Game Game and Record Input"
-> "Run Game and Load a Save State"
-> "Run Game and Record Wave Output"
-> "Run Game and Record MNG Output"
Game documents feature is a MAME only feature now (it always was)
Moved "Auto Previous/Next Image Type" from main menu "Images" to images popup menu
Audio samples, main chip, display, sound, input, driver status and savestate info are now extracted from MAME's "-listxml" output... for bios entries
Read/write columns profiles were adding the full path twice on the filename string, preventing the profile to be read/written


More code optimizations (again, no speed gains)
Display game screenshots is a little faster (not noticeable for most of you)
Support for "filter / Mature" entries in .ini files (left panel)
Only available systems can be selected when scanning the games list (games popup menu)
Removed the "Delete Selected Games Files" option from games popup menu ("Delete" menu item), and changed the "Delete "" menu option so it can handle multiple selected games as well, using the same "Delete" keyboard hot-key
Treeview's FullExpand() command used instead of a loop (don't know why I never used this command before...)
You can delete files in the "Select File" screen using the "Delete" keyboard hot-key
Centralized all the calls for the "\ini_files\" folder and its sub-folders into one function
Updated the function that create games lists based on ClrMAMEPro .dat files so other emulators can also use it


DOS box run mode. Games run with DOS box in normal state and extract games list / emulator version minimized
The following image types are gone: "Select"; "Versus"; "Wallpaper"; "Hardware"; "PCB"
Go to MAWS to check on these images...
Files deleted:
-> folder: "\resources\main_icons\"
"filter6_numscreens_all.ico"; "filter6_numscreens_1.ico"; "filter6_numscreens_2.ico";
"filter6_numscreens_3.ico"; "filter6_numscreens_4.ico"; "mamu_scanmiss.ico";
"mamu_scannotneeded.ico"; "binary.ico"; "statusbar_total_games.ico";
"create_gameslist.ico"; "emu_extrafiles.ico"; "image_07_select.ico";
"image_08_versus.ico"; "image_09_wallpaper.ico"; "image_10_hardware.ico"
"image_11_pcb.ico"; "image_nextno.ico"; "image_prevno.ico"
Support for zipped images is gone... for good this time
Customize images tool bar. You can only show or hide this bar from now on
Image type button from main tool bar button. Now only available in images tool bar
Option: "Use MAME Games Info" for ZiNc system. If a MAME games list already exists, EL will get all extra info from it automatically
Option: "Delete All Visible Games" from favorites popup menu. If you want to delete all games from a favorites list, enable "Multiple Section", select all games and use "Delete / Delete All Selected Games Files" (games popup menu)
Several menu items from games popup menu "Delete" (sorry but you're gonna have to delete files manually from now on)
-> "Config File"
-> "Nvram File"
-> "Input File"
-> "Save State File"
Number of screens column from the main games list... you still have the filter in the "Games Filters" main menu


Support for a new emulator: "AAE - Another Arcade Emulator"
New emulator that run vector games using OpenGL width hardware acceleration, adding some cool effects. A ClrMAMEPro .dat file is required for this system (go to "Logiqx")
Note: this system support only full split ROMs (no parent/clone relationships)!
Main filter "Parent/Clone" is also applied in the left panel
New left panel popup items:
-> "Apply Main Tool Bar Filters": Use this option to re-apply main filters from the tool bar buttons
-> "Export Games List": Export the current games list to a .ini file so you can use it as a new filter for the left panel
New button for the MAWS web browser tool bar: "Exit MAWS", to exit the browser and load the game snapshot image type
New feature: "Left Panel Editor" (main menu "Left Panel" / left panel popup menu)
This is what you've been waiting for. A complete editor for all your custom filter needs
You can even edit existing filters like "catlist.ini", "artwork.ini", "series.ini" and others. Read "docs\el-leftpanel.txt" file for a user guide
There are 2 possible options:
-> "Create a New Filter": the editor will open with a new filter already initialized waiting for your input
-> "Edit a Filter": after selecting a .ini from the list, the editor will open and load the filter so you can add/remove folders or games
The editor is very easy to use and visualize. See the "help" button at the editor's tool bar for a small tutorial
Warning: only MAME is supported by the editor. Even if you select games from other systems, they will not be added
New files:
-> folder: "\resources\images\topbars\"
"filters.png"; "emu_aae.png"
-> folder: '\resources\main_icons\"
"emu_aae.ico"; "filterarcade_10_aae.ico";
"leftpanel_btn_add.ico"; "leftpanel_btn_delete.ico"; "leftpanel_btn_save.ico";
"leftpanel_btn_help.ico"; "leftpanel_btn_addgame.ico"; "leftpanel_btn_deletegame.ico";
-> folder: "\resources\gameslist_icons\"
"AAEParent.ico"; "AAEClone.ico"; "UnAAEParent.ico"; "UnAAEClone.ico"
Detection of available screen resolutions, based on your video card+monitor
Used in ZiNc settings screen, SEGA Model 2 settings screen, AAE settings screen
New filter: "Save State" in "Games Filters" main menu