Cliffhanger Productions has launched its turn-based tactical multiplayer RPGShadowrun Online via Steam Early Access, giving wannabe deckers and samurai a preliminary look at their dystopian cyberpunk future.

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Shadowrun Online is set 20 years after the events of last year's Shadowrun Returns, building on the previous game's storyline with new settings, characters, and missions. The final version will deliver co-op gameplay and an in-depth PvP component, along with an array of item and character customization options.

Cliffhanger Productions notes that the current Steam version lacks many features that are planned for the finished product, however. "This is the most basic early access version - it contains four missions and a 1 vs 1 player PvP, but no character creation, progression or anything else yet - this will all come in time," the developer warns. "We want to make sure the basic combat gameplay works well before we pile more features on it."

Shadowrun Online is regularly priced at $29.99, but is available for $20.99 during its debut week.