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Thread: More insider details about the PS3?

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    Default More insider details about the PS3?

    We canít guarantee that this is all completely legit, but PSM collected some inside dirt about the PlayStation 3 courtesy of several unnamed game developers who were apparently willing to break any non-disclosure agreements they may have signed. First off, they donít tell us what we really, really want to know, like when the PS3ís actually going to come out or what itís going to cost (thatíll probably have to come straight from Sony), but they were able to get a few nuggets of juicy gossip about the next-gen console, like that the PS3 wonít support PS1/PS2 peripherals, that its hard drive wonít be used for gaming (supposedly itíll only be used for storing media), that despite the consoleís support for 1080p most games will only be 720p, that games will run a bit faster if youíre connected to a lower resolution display (which sort of makes sense), and that there will eventually be some sort of USB TV tuner add-on for the PS3 so it can double as digital video recorder (best part: it sounds like itíll incorporate Sonyís LocationFree technology so you can access recorded TV shows using your PSP from anywhere in the world over the internet).

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    TV tuner would be pretty sweet.

    oh and by the way most HDTV's run at 720P anyways so the more expensive the set, the higher the resolution. Good for us I think saves us money.

    and in regards to the PS1/PS2 peripheral support who cares it was the same when PS2 came out!

    and remember not even developers know how the games will actually run until presented with the latest PS3 devkit which isn't out yet.

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