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Thread: Anyone thought of Fallout PSP?

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    Default Anyone thought of Fallout PSP?

    Hey guys as a gamer for many a year now one of my favorite games was fallout and fallout2 on PC. In light of Bethesda's fallout 3 coming next fall (woot!). I thought it would be a cool idea (if anyone is up to the task), for someone to make a fallout port to the psp. This would most definitely take some serious time to code (fallout 1 being a smaller game would be the best choice), but I think if the right person takes on the project with the passion for fallout that i have that someone could pull this off. Any ideas anyone? :thumbup:

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    If there's source code, it's possible to port the game.

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    Well the best place i've been able to find that could have the souce code would be No Mutants Allowed (Fallout fan/modding website. Here's the url for those interested :


    I've been lookin around for about half an hour and ironically i found a thread their about making a port to the psp also, but no such luck on source code though. Someone else might get better luck than me so don't hesitate to go check it out.

    edit : I also found a more modernized beta source code here :


    I'm seriously willing to make monitary donations if anyone is interested in giving this a shot.

    This better? My apologies this may sound retarded but i haven't been active in a forum for years so im still kinda noobish at this
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    Please do not double or triple post.... it gets annoying... ( you have the edit button for that )

    As JKKDARK said... no source, no port. ( i havent looked at the source yet of the beta modernized version you posted....but ill look at it sometime... maybe a porter will come by and see it... )

    it does look like a interesting game none the less.

    Thanks for Everything,
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    I have to wonder sometimes if games like this couldn't be given the ScummVM treatment. You wouldn't necessarily need to alter the code of the game itself, just have an interpreter program that does it for you. I'm well aware of DOSBox, but I'm thinking of something a little more slimmed down, streamlined and specialised.

    The reason I bring up ScummVM is that the games compatible with that engine are all multi-platform and as long as you have the original game files they'll work on whichever platform you're running ScummVM on. So the goal would be to write an interpreter for Fallout (in this case) that would use the original game files.

    I realise that it's a lot easier to talk about stuff like this than to actually DO it, but it seems like a sound premise to start with and could be a great community project. The potential rewards would be amazing.... Especially if it could be handled in such a way as to make any DOS game playable within this thin shell.

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    Ahhhhhh, I tried running it direct through DOSBox on my PSP, It got as far as the "Please stand by" screen and then reverted back to DOSBox. It was a long shot, but it may prove that it's possible........I was gutted though that it didnt work lol, would have passed the time during breaks between lectures lol!

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    extremly slow but working Fallout 1

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    I hope they can improve it, running it would be awesome really

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    I too would also like to see a port if possible.

    I can't get it to run on dosbox at the moment though ; ;

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKKDARK View Post
    If there's source code, it's possible to port the game.
    hola people,

    excuse me for not being 100% competent in this field, but could the FIFE open source engine be used to get Fallout 1 + 2 working on PSP? it's supposedly a self-made Fallout source or something, as far as i understood. i know absolutely nothing about this stuff, but thats what my googling-powers led me to and their snapshots looked like the real thing. i really would like to see a functional Fallout being achieved on PSP, so how bout it?

    here's their site:

    and their... engine?:
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