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Thread: Easy pass word protection for programs

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    Lightbulb Easy pass word protection for programs

    I posted this in the homebrew forum a while back and someone said I should post it here.
    Is there a way you could apply some parental controls to psp homebrew, because you would be able to keep people out of programs that could mess up your homebrew files.

    If you could for example set Nesterj to level1 and set Psp file manager to level3 and limit the psp to level2 you could let your friends play the emulators and not worry about them deleting something with Psp file manager because it would require a password to start the program.

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    I think I said this was a great idea the first time you posted this......Even if i didnt im saying it now. It would be cool to password protect some things and not the others.

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