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Thread: KOPBANPSP v0.41

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    psp KOPBANPSP v0.41

    News/release from Kaltorak:

    The Kop Team surprise us with a new input for PSP. This is a game like "Sokoban" pseudo3D in perspective, that will make insurance delight lovers of the puzzle type games. It is worthwhile to take a look at the MANY improvements coming from the hand of Kaltorak in programming, Kei in the audio and Loopin in paragraph graphic. A game pretty long and entertaining, with dozens of screens, record and cargo items, compatible with analog Stick ... And only 3Mb of space!. And I decis if I tell you we can take to make suggestions to the author. That is the big Homebrew.

    Selector "worlds" in the Kopbanpsp. Iran remains accessible when overcome the early stages.
    Improvements version 0.41
    Movement doll
    System saved game
    System load items
    Levels KOPBANPSP (17 LEVELS)
    Levels Boxclone (93 LEVELS)
    Levels 100BOXES (10 LEVELS)
    Levels ANOMALY (29 LEVELS)
    Icon for xmb
    Image for the Xmb
    Use Of Stick to move the character
    Implemented the opportunity to take a step back by pressing O
    Implemented bookshops Desbloqueables At the end of each library
    Modified KOBANPSP And Add New Levels
    Implementados sound effects of walking and moving boxes
    Including Level 2 Echo _DSCS_ by the Libreria KOPBANPSP
    Fixed bug found by Alpha 5 towards that sometimes step back adjudge
    Fixed Bug found by Loopin that by the barrel of the menu was very fast.
    Cambiados Menus for the new echos by Loopin
    Introduction maps bookshelves for the selection to be more graphic
    Introduced music in the menu and the game sent by Kei
    Modified the sound of walking sent by Loopin

    Capture of the second level. And the thing is complicating anger ...

    Future versions:
    Implement a menu of options
    Putting a story on the game (I am in it)
    Debugging the completion of levels

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    this game is good. nice to see some updates.

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