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Thread: [Release] Eboot2psp : Script to automate everything

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    psp [Release] Eboot2psp : Script to automate everything

    News/release from Poison

    Description :

    Eboot2psp is a linux script (I don't know if it works whith cygwin) I've made to make compilation and tests of homebrews more comfortable, its aim is to help developers . This script allow you whith one command line only to :

    - Delete files as *.o .
    - Compile.
    - Copy eboot to your PSP.
    - Copy folder where are your data files such image, music etc... on psp.
    - Unmount psp.

    Installation & Command :

    Once you've downloaded and unzip the file, open a Terminal and go into the folder where your file is downloaded (ex : cd ./Desktop).
    You have to make the files "ready", then type in the terminal :

    chmod +x ./

    Once it's done, move the file : to /usr/local/bin/ , then type :

    sudo mv ./ /usr/local/bin/

    All right, now it's installed. Lets go how it works, this script use 3 arguments.

    The first is the device which you PSP is connecteds, le second is the folder where you want to copy your Eboot (on your psp), and the third is the folder which contains your data files.

    For instance, when I connect my PSP, it's connected on the disk-1 device. As I'm coding my old game : Awaker and as on my psp the awaker folder is located to ms0:/PSP/GAME/Awaker/ i have to type : disk-1 Awaker

    Here we are, the script will compile my program and send my EBOOT.PBP to ms0:/PSP/GAME/Awaker.
    Now if I want to copy my Eboot and all data files which are located in the data folder, I've to type : disk-1 Awaker data

    It will compile my program and send my EBOOT.PBP and my data folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/Awaker.

    If you want to compile your program whitout to send Eboot and data file to PSP, you have to type only :

    /!\ When you use please, be sure you are located in the folder of the game you are coding /!\

    Download :

    Download eboot2psp

    Thanks for reading me

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    I don't see any point in that.

    1. deleting *.o is done by "make clean"
    2. compiling obviously by "make"
    3. copying stuff to ms isn't necessary since psplink(usb)

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