Nintendo World Championships is a game for Nintendo's first major game console, the NES. It's notorious for popping up every few years on places like eBay andfetching a ton of dough. You won't find articles praising its thrilling gameplay or beautiful soundtrack, and that's because it's not really a game. Nintendo World Championships is actually pieces of three games -- Super Mario Bros., Rad Racerand Tetris -- and was used for competitive NES play in the early 1990s. It's rare because only about 90 copies exist, but now you too can play it on your Wii U. Well, sort of.
Folks who already own NES Remix on Wii U can purchase its sequel in the coming weeks, which unlocks "Championship Mode." Therein you'll find a similar challenge to the one immortalized by Fred Savage in The Wizard, albeit with Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros 3 and Dr. Mario. Head below for a video taste of the nostalgia-laced madness in action.