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Thread: No Euro 2008 for Wii or DS

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    Rev No Euro 2008 for Wii or DS

    via Eurogamer

    Electronic Arts has confirmed to Eurogamer that there are currently no plans to release UEFA Euro 2008 on Wii and DS.

    The game was unveiled earlier today on PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PC and mobile.

    But despite EA's Vancouver men turning out an interesting Wii version of FIFA 08 last year, a spokesperson told Eurogamer that nothing's been announced or is on the cards.

    Still, who cares any more? It's not as though we're going to watch any of it on telly because it will make us cry.

    Anyway, the other versions include a mode which lets you fight to become your country's captain, as well as interactive celebrations (punch Stewart Downing?) and a "Battle of the Nations" online element.

    Watch out for more closer to the 11th April release.

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    wow this is shocking news! EA is best known for porting their games to any platform available. And they are leaving the most successful systems available, that's strange.

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