Here it is, the very first v5 unit assembled, I havenít even cleaned it properly yet:

This is what youíll get, without the SD card of course
Thatís the good news. Now for the bad: I dun goofed up and there will be a tiny wire added on the back on some units Ė but donít worry, itís fully functional. The wire fixes the oops.
One of my suppliers also messed up and sent me less parts than ordered. Turns out they had less in stock than what their system showed. I should have the rest on first week of May.
And finally Iím still waiting for some additional soldering equipment, which I might finally get this weekend. Hopefully. Or else this whole assembly thing is going to take a while.
Oh and by the way, Iíll stop taking preorders soon because the waiting list is almost full. I will take a bit more than I can sell in case someone changes their mind last minute. Again, you will not be asked to pay anything unless Iím sure I can deliver.
If everything goes well (and trust me, so far itís a mixed bag) I will have some v5 units ready for shipping on Monday.