Iíve sent out first few units to have some feedback. However, doing it this way is rather inefficient Ė I need to prepare a batch and send them all at once. Which is what Iím aiming for after this weekend.
Iím going with the list but so far Iíve only picked EU orders as itís usually less hassle Ė no customs, no additional taxes, cheaper postage too. Next week Iím going to try USA and Canada to see how it works out. Basically there is a lot of confusion as to whether or not I need to have CN22 sticked to the envelope. Itís so small and light it gets sent as letter, so technically no need for CN22. On the other hand it does contain ďgoodsĒ and not documentsÖ
Problem with CN22 is I canít put 100 Euro on it as value anyway or you will have to pay import duties. So it needs lower value, probably also be marked as a gift, but then why bother with CN22 at all, customs might decide to inspect it anyway. Iíve heard small envelopes like these tend to get by witout CN22 just fine, and itís less paperwork for me so Iím going to try that way first.


GDEMU is an SD card based replacement for the optical drive in Dreamcast console.
GD-ROM drives inevitably wear out and fail Ė as do all mechanical devices Ė and since the console is no longer being manufactured itís nearly impossible to source spare parts. This project was meant to provide a ďonce and for allĒ solution, since it doesnít have any moving parts.

  • 100% compatibility with existing software
  • No need for custom BIOS or other modifications
  • Full support for CD Digital Audio
  • Considerably faster loading times

Please note: GDEMU does not endorse software piracy. It is end userís responsibility to ensure the device is used in a lawful manner.
The project was started in 2008 as purely hobbyist endeavour, and was kept private for a long time. A few prototype units were made and the last ones received praise from the testers, so I have decided to make it more public by selling some in hope to raise money for hardware and software upgrades I need. This is still, however, just my old hobby project and not a business venture.