Many asked, and yes it is indeed a DS version of Sonic CD. Indeed Stealth worked in 2009/2010 with Christian Whitehead in order to make a remake for SEGA. The project will not succeed but the result is a proof-of-concept entitled " Sonic CD DS ".

WHAT WORKS General - Sonic -Tails -Knuckles -Title Screen and Menu -Level End Sequence -Animated Tiles -Invincibility, Sneaker, and shield powerups -Time Travel (Activate time post and run at full speed for a Few seconds) -Palmtree Panic Zones 1-3 all time Periods, all objects, Including boss -Special Stage with entry from big ring (Appears at level end When You Have 50 + rings) WHAT DOES NOT WORK -Basically anything That Was not listed in "WHAT WORKS " USAGE NOTES Hardware - Copy the hand "SonicCD" folder (All which contains "Player", "R1", etc. .. subfolders) to the ROOT of the SD card. It Will not Work From Any Other rental - Place SonicCDDS.nds anywhere on the card - Run SonicCDDS.nds No $ GBA (Recommended for emulation) - Run SonicCDDSFull.NDS DeSmuME (Not recommended) - In the "Emulation" menu, select " GBA Slot ", and from the dropdown menu Appears That, select" MPCF Flash Card Device ", and Then click" Use path of the loaded ROM " - Ensure That SonicCDDS.nds is in the same folder as the main "SonicCD" folder. Do not put it inside the "SonicCD" folder - Run SonicCDDS.nds - This emulator exhibits a Lengthy delay before the initial disclaimer screen Appears - This emulator exhibits a noticeable stall When The Music Exchange - The Special Stage runs at half speed When played in this emulator USE INSTRUCTIONS Main Menu Navigate through options using up / down on the D-Pad Change MOST options by navigating to That option and using left / right on the D-Pad Change the game selected by navigating up beyond the "Title" option and using left / right on the D-Pad Change "Round" by using A / B, X / Y, and L / R to change Each individual component Select an option by pressing Start Gameplay Use the D-Pad to move, and A / B to jump Use R trigger to toggle Debug Mode. While in Debug Mode, Become A and B cycle and object placement