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Thread: Karaoke Machine for your PSP!

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    psp Karaoke Machine for your PSP!

    News/release from Hyve 647846

    Convert your PSP Slim into a Karaoke Machine!

    This is my first homebrew for the PSP!. A karaoke player that can play MP3+G files. MP3+G is actually just an MP3 music file with an accompanying CDG file for the lyric graphics.

    This is a concept beta version with the following features:

    Plays MP3 + CDG Format
    Add songs to queue
    Play Pause
    Skip to next song
    Sqlite3 songs database
    I plan to put a slide show of pictures in the background. And if it is not too difficult, video. The background can currently be customized by replacing BG.PNG with your own image.

    The player will play songs from the MP3G folder. The songs have to be named m1.mp3, m2.mp3, …mX.mp3 with a corresponding m1.cdg. The ‘1′ will be used as the song number.

    Alternatively, you can populate an sqlite3 database (kpl.db) which allows you to forgo with the naming convention and store MP3G files in different locations on the memory stick. Note that most MP3G files on the internet don’t have mp3 id tags. The sqlite database has columns for artist names and song titles.

    The controls are:

    TRIANGLE - Show song number input
    UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT - Input song number
    CROSS - Add song number to the songs queue
    SQUARE - Skip to next song
    CIRCLE - Play / Pause
    Tested on PSP Slim, firmware 3.71 M33-2

    Download Here and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    this is nice i will try this one! thanks for the heads up bro!

    edit: not working on 3.90m33

    oops sorry it woks on me lol!!!!

    where can we get other files for this?
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    I really like karaoke could it be possible a ultrastar port? i would love it
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    Man, i can see good things with this plugged into my car stereo and driving down the street singing karaoke songs hahahaha.

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