Newly released today:

50 Mini-games - Extreme sports fan? Try your hand at the Skateboarding mini-game. Do you love Sci-Fi? Try out the Laser Ball mini-game. With 50 unique and addictive mini-games there’s something for everyone.
Character Customization - Customize and create your very own Bomberman character with a variety of accessories and costumes.
Fun-filled Adventure - Quest to gain items and points to advance yourself through the different zones in the world. Face the mysterious evil champion in the final stage.
Multiplayer Action - Go head-to-head and battle up to 4 players in 10 multiplayer mini-games or the original BOMBERMAN Battle game.
Original BOMBERMAN Battle Game Included! - The Original BOMBERMAN Battle game is included with all new maps and power-up items. Multiplayer action doesn’t get any better than this!

Embark on a fun-filled, theme park adventure as you discover a huge land to explore, a gigantic multiplayer pack, and a host of addicting mini-games throughout 5 unique worlds. Also included is the original BOMBERMAN Battle game. Battle up to 3 friends and find out who is king “Bomberman”.