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US site reveal that the bonus content, all secreted within the game, is a part of the "My Dreams" section of the title, which is all about artificial life, where you look after virtual charges and generally try a create something 'good'.

Fireworks celebrated the arrival of the New Year in Nightopia, with February witness to Chinese New Year with dragons, gunpowder and the like. Carnival will be the masqued theme for March, with April representing passion with roses. May is all about boys day, according to the Japanese festival calendar, June is then about weddings with July going a bit Latino and focussing on Bull Riding.

Music will be the theme for August, September celebrates the advent of autumn by celebrating the moon with paper fans. Then there's Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November and Christmas - complete with Santa outfits - in December.

Whether this extra content is enough to cheer up the series' fans, who have afforded this game a mixed reception, remains very much to be seen.