Nataku92 has posted an update to his 2D Counterstrike game for the PSP, heres the full release details:

v1.5 UPDATE-
I finally had time to finish up v1.5 for release! The biggest feature is probably online infrastructure, but I'm not sure how the system will perform under heavy usage (so don't be too surprised if something doesn't work :O). I've also made quite a few other smaller changes, which can be found in this complete list of updates:


Implemented new camera system
Added aiming guide lines
Made some small changes to recoil system (mainly for sniper rifles and shotguns)
Added character type select
Added spectator mode for singleplayer
Added round timer in spectator mode
Made score list sorted
Changed layout of Options a bit
Added option to enable/disable friendly-fire
Added option to choose name
Implemented new Online system
_________________________ ___________________
***Implemented infrastructure multiplayer***
_________________________ ___________________
Implemented Game Lobby
Added ability to chat
Made multiplayer less buggy (hopefully)
Fixed network select (before it wouldn't work if you deleted any connections)
Limited death indicator to 3 max
Fixed the buying deagle bug
Fixed a small sound issue when firing and strafing
Fixed knife
Made sure money doesn't go down if you already have full ammo
Text on scoreboard is now the name of the map instead of "test"
Made shotgun fire straighter
Added more custom maps (including river by me )
Added more guns to iceworld
Other small fixes that I can't remember right now

The zip also comes with the CSPSPServer application so that you can run a server from your own computer. Make sure to read its readme.txt for instructions on how to set it up.

Comments and suggestions, as well as bug reports, are welcome and needed

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