rpcs3 Git (2014/04/13) is compiled. rpcs3 is an open source PlayStation 3 (PS3) emulator for the Microsoft Windows. Current versions can run only small homebrew for PS3. Developers are planning to make it to emulate PS3 on its speed in the near future.

rpcs3 purpose:
- Make PS3 developers easily test their apps and homebrews on PC without crashing their PS3 or moving their apps from PC to PS3.
- Just playing PS3 games on your PC and have fun! ( In the future )

rpcs3 Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #184 from daniel-dressler/master
Add Linux build instructions for Debian & Ubuntu
* Fix run instruction hitting CWD bug
PCS3 assumes current working directory is bin folder.
So running it like ./bin/pcs3 stops it from finding
dev_hdd0 and related.
* Add Linux build instructions for Debian & Ubuntu
* Merge pull request #183 from Bigpet/cmakefix
quote guard CMake variables
* quote guard CMake variables
* Merge pull request #182 from Bigpet/array_remove
Replace Array with std::vector
* fix accidental wxWidgets version change