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Thread: Hyena v1.00

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    NDS Hyena v1.00

    News/release from Jesse:

    Hyena is an AudioGame player for multiple platforms.

    Inspired by the AudioBooks, Hyena allows game-books to be played with only sound and one button.
    This takes gaming where it hasn't been possible before, be it driving, tanning or sitting in Church.

    Hyena v1.00 is bundled with:
    Lone Wolf - Flight From The Dark, by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk -
    and with speech synthisis generated by NeoSpeech -

    Homepage & downloads at

    And do try to play the game with the lid closed. It's probably the first DS game where you fully can do that. (as long as you have headphones).

    I also want to thank the people making it possible to do homebrew like this for the DS; they receive far too little credit. Hyena uses libnds, libfat, efs_lib and as_lib, so a huge thanks goes out to joat, dovoto, noda, chishm and everyone else who has contributed to these libraries. Also, extra special thanks the people behind this forum that provides so much information and support and last but not least to wintermute for the whole devkitPro setup that makes things so much easier: I owe you all.


    (and I probably got some names wrong, so feel free to correct me so I can fix it!

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    This sounds really neat. I used to love the lone wolf books as well. Looking forward to trying this out.

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