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Thread: Super Mario Toy v0.4

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    psp Super Mario Toy v0.4

    Pjeff has released a new version of Super Mario Toy:

    Heres whats new:

    Starts a Day 03 February 2008:

    - A timing was a set up for rain followed by the sun 
    - Management of the Mist in the 2nd map Change
    - Improvement of the dialogue box to the RPG (re)
    - Adding an animation in the main menu.
    - Adding an Intro in the game (not yet sound and not 100% complete).
    Add-in cards Animations (flower, water… ..)
    - Adding effect when you walk on the grass
    - Adding new character in the map 2
    - Changing dialogues for the characters and the creation of an early history.
    - Fixed various bugs in the game
    - Adding birds in map 1.
    - Correction of the animation of the main character and he can walk diagonally.
    - Correcting some little thing and animation in the 1st mini games.
    - Adding a Start Menu in the RPG with a list of inventories Win or Buy.
    - Adding medal won in the mini games.
    - In a house can now buy certain object (for the moment we can not use them when you have).

    The former put a Day:
    - Management of rain in the first card
    - Management of the Mist in the 2nd map (while waiting to make an automated system for day, night, rain ...)
    - Improvement of the dialogue box to the RPG
    - Fixed many bugs for the menu and use of Fade In and Out.
    - Adding a virtual keyboard to request the name early in games only if no backup record.
    - Adding a Pseudo Artificial intelligence for Peros 2 of the First map but this crazy moves without specific goal is better than nothing.
    NPJ-set when we come back in the first map, it has come back to their seats.

    Can be accessed at 1 Mini games (Mario corner) talking with Zelda but not the departure must follow the story

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    this game is cool , would be good if someone could create a translated version.

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