Neopiro has posted an update to the adult themed Hentai game for the DS:

In principle started as a port of an existing PC game (he asked that the moderators delete the thread.), But since I do something ... I wanted to make something more than a port of dubious quality ... I am trying to do something similar to what would be a Nintendogs, but with girls (and boys in future versions, this is a console that use a lot girls)

........+ News V0003:
.................- Beta early "Exit Walk"
.................- Restructuring Internal Code to work as a group (and us 4 + 2 designers)

Here will put some screenshots:

- Anyone who wants to help-(things that can help)

+ If you know NOT schedule:
- Give ideas for new activities or markers need.
- Give ideas of simple games with explicit sexual / erotic.
- Proposing new ideas ...

+ If you schedule:
Contact by private - to help in programming

Download and Give Feedback Via Comments