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Thread: 12 new PES Wii shots show you how it's done

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    Rev 12 new PES Wii shots show you how it's done

    via Computer and Video Games

    Pro Evo 2008 on Wii is an interesting one because, instead of trying to cram the multi-button controls of previous versions onto the Wii Remote, it uses the pointer to invent a totally new style of play. Come take a look.

    As we explained in our detailed hands-on preview, you move your player with the Nunchuk analogue stick while setting up runs and various plays with the Remote's pointer.

    It's different - a little tricky to get your head around at first - but works surprisingly well.

    Look out for a full review closer to its March 28 release, and hit the thumbnails below to see the new screens, right here.

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    Nice, this should make it all the better. It also looks like its gonna work well.

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