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Wii action-RPG Opoona has been tapped for American release on March 25.

The game, announced almost a year ago, appears to be in the style of a traditional Japanese RPG, but bizarrely only uses the Nunchuk as a controller.

Opoona follows the story of a young boy who crashes on Planet Landroll after his spaceship is involved in an accident. Marooned, players must take control of the boy, find him a job, search for his siblings and defend the people of Landroll from creatures known as Dark Rogues.

Using the Nunchuk, players can manipulate powerful "Energy Bonbons" in different ways and alter trajectories. We presume Energy Bonbons are some sort of super sweet that kills people by overdosing them with sugar and caffeine.

Koei has also labelled Opoona a 'Lifestyle RPG', which seems to mean you get to talk to people and do a few side quests instead of just repeatedly kill monsters for XP.

From the sounds of it and the look of the screenshots, we think it could be awesome. We're especially hopeful that the shoddy translation makes it through to the European release - check out the screenshot where the titular character decries, "You won the battle handily!"