This is meant to follow up with the memor32 review found here. -

Extended review of the Memor32 memory card and Memento Firmware.

MEMOR32 review

Ill first begin with the Memor32 unit itself... and then move onto the memento firmware and other features that can be used with it.

The Savegame Manager ( SGM ) is not only eye pleasing, it is also really easy to use and understand. Basically, "Import" and "Export" features if you have a ".max" or another person's ".m32" save, and a "Backup" and "Restore" to move saves to and from the memory card.

screenshot of the savegame manager

Final Thoughts:

I really didnt think I was going to be too impressed, but boy was I wrong. It really does help with managing your game saves ( esspecially if you have loads of ps2 games ). The only thing i wish they would have included was atleast a usb cord and maybe instructions... bu


- Build quality is top notch... Feels great, looks great and pretty much is great!
- Ability to export and import saves. ( So you have hardcopies of your saves just incase you need more room. )
- Ease of use. ( Wether you are new or old, its easy to understand. )


- No USB cable
- No Software
- No Instructions
- Price ( but I suppose it pays itself off by allowing gamesave management )