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This weeks' new releases on the US Virtual Console come in the form of Harvest Moon SNES and the TurboGrafx-16 title, Lords of Thunder, available from 9am PST.

Harvest Moon is the first title in the now legendary series that has pervaded all Nintendo consoles multiple times over.

In Harvest Moon you've recently bought the farm, but unfortunately for you it's not a euphemism for death and you now have to get to work on making your patch of land somehow profitable.

You juggle your time between feeding animals, watering vegetables and wooing women, creating a stress-inducing schedule that would sap the soul of most. All this and more could be yours for 800 Wii points.

Comparatively, Lords of Thunder looks like stress-free joy and is complimented by the sort of music Bill and Ted would have created to usher in world-peace.

It's a shoot-em-up too, a genre far too under appreciated these days. It's also only 800 Wii Points too and we've found a clip on YouTube just for you.