Newly released today:

The special features that this game include are: being offered to walk home by the man of your dreams.
After a superbly successful date, both the man of your choosing and you are unwilling to part ways, this version offered even more gaming options such that you could experience the sweet and sour aspects of being in love!
Look at the character logo on the top left hand corner of the screen! When the man you loved started blushing feverishly, your every wish is his command!
By using the latest technology, this game contained three times the dialog of the previous two games! Combined with beautiful screens is the star studded seiyuu cast, so that you can drown in the voice of your Mr. Right.
Not only are the dates fully voiced, even the most ordinary events are, too. You can even hear them sigh in non-climatic moments. Let your heart flutter without hesitation!

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, the younger sister product to the immensely popular Tokimeki Memorial series has captured just as much female fans as her predecessor has male fans. This time, the game strive to heighten your dating simulation experience such that you would be immersed in the special feelings of teenage romances. This time the stage is set in a beautiful land surrounded by the sea. You, as a high school student, would meet all types men from all walks of life, from school, or from your part time job. As your graduation day approaches, you are proceeding toward the touching ending, that you have been toiling for in the years of high school life.