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Thread: Phleon V1.2 out

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    NDS Phleon V1.2 out

    Version 1.2 is now out
    Phleon is a simple program for those that wish to test their themes without having to waste a bunch of time on their DS, taking out their memory card from the computer, booting up, starting moonshell, testing, shut down, put the memory card back into the computer, and so on. I've also worked really hard just making things work, as in opening a previously made theme(even themes from outside of Phleon), and saving themes. In other words, It creates a folder that is just "Drag & Drop" into the skin folder of your moonshell folder of your memory card.
    • fixed small rendering coding mistype in window title bars in window emulator
    • fixed image importing so that other files can be used, and many more are now supported, as long as it is at or below 256 by 192
    • made selection double click instead of single(on the skin info window)
    • fixed the first color dialog to keep the same color, and in full view mode automatically
    • made second HEX color dialog update color faster
    • made all windows except for the window position editor not stay maximized when its task bar is double clicked
    • progress bars apparently switched when loaded, now fixed
    • system icon now supporting the green
    • transparency key like the exit button did
    • made all exported BMP's into 24 bit to avoid incompatibility with the RAM type of bitmap(32 bit when alpha is used) and the type the DS can handle (24 bit)
    • title bar in the DS Preview was wrong, now fixed
    • Dynamic pictures for people to use on the news posts to show if the current post is current or not.
    • Save Buffer system so that you can overwrite the file you loaded from
    • removed choppy milliseconds that semi-purposely annoyed people
    • removed the Current time, as everybody should have it
    • retain current work path so you don't have to re-navigate to it all the time(while in project).
    • ani loading(no view yet)
    • the startup and shutdown mp3 loading(no sound yet)
    • the startup and shutdown mp3 loading from converting from another format(OGG, WAV or a big MP3)(no sound yet)
    • Play and Pause functionality for animations
    • Portuguese language added
    • made encoding process better and more safe-proof, also made terminal(CMD) output replica not flicker, this uses the LAME.EXE
    • LAME is included with it so that you can encode your own mp3's through it for startup and shutdown at a custom bitrate. For WAV's you must use pure
    • PCM codec as for some reason it hates it otherwise and not at 32Kb/s bitrate, don't ask why though.
    • Correct Image size scale down and up(size wont matter anymore)
    • Now there are tool-tips for all the import menu items and some in the file menu to describe what they do.
    • Translations for German now correct
    • About box with click able link to my email, and other various information
    • Making the scroll bar smooth and moves where mouse is like the progress bar
    • Added the bevel on the window emulator that you can drag around and stuff
    • fixed the file fbar image rendering(was switches as well)

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    erm no link ?

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    sorry, I forgot the link earlier(now in( and I made it more organized and cleaned up for you.
    As the programmer's wishes I would like the downloads restricted to my site for geographical logging purposes(so I can see where in the world this is most popular).
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