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Thread: Square Enix dates The World Ends With You for April 22

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    NDS Square Enix dates The World Ends With You for April 22

    Square Enix has finally nailed down a firm US release date for its upcoming, dare we say original action-RPG for the DS, The World Ends With You. While Nintendo listed the game among its spring releases last month, the calender jockeys at Final Fantasy proper have announced that the game will make it to North American retail outlets on April 22.

    Developed at the hands of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories developer Jupiter, the game has certainly been on the minds of those of us partial to Nintendo's touchable handheld, as as well as those with a thing for big feet and Japanese culture. The World Ends With You is set within Tokyo's "trendiest youth culture center," Shibuya, and takes "major influences" from the area's cultural bearings, from food and music to fashion and design. It all sounds great, but honestly you had us at original.

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    hehe almost every ds game has got a weird name, when i first read the headline "the world ends with you for april 22" i thought riiight, what have they come up with now? a comet or something will crash with the earth or something?
    but then i thought why will dcemu write about that, it's a gaming site..

    anyways, might be a fun game.. or not,
    too bad the ds will have all the bad and low budget games.

    i'm just bored, and i have to comment on some articles and add some cool .vkp patches to my k750i (flashed to w800i firmware) to keep me from boredom..

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    This game is great I played part of th japanese versio this isnt just another low budget crappy game
    there was a lot of advertisemnt for this game in japan when i was coming out
    the game has a little design like the KH series
    I can t wait

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