Newly released today:

Genuine real-time war strategy game
24 exhilarating missions-12 missions as human, and 12 as alien
Intense multiplayer action creates head-to-head competition between friends- players
Human and Alien forces each have unique infantry, vehicles, weapons, and facilities-players
Players build, maintain, and defend their base from enemy attack-gain resources, build your army, and vanquish your enemy
Unique battle environment (forest, desert, tundra, etc.) take natural obstacles into account-maneuver rocks, rivers, seas, and even craters

Command and Destroy brings amazing army-based Real Time Strategy game play to the Nintendo DS for the very first time. Set in the future on a colonial outpost in deep space, two different species are pitted against each other due to Alien invasion. Players get to decide whether to play the role of the humans, defiantly standing up to the alien onslaught, or whether you'd like to control the extra terrestrials hell-bent on the destruction of the human race.