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Thread: Protect-Me V.Final revision 0.9B

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    psp Protect-Me V.Final revision 0.9B

    News/release from MaxtheBest:

    Hi, I'm back with my little protect-me app.
    For those who ignore it, it allows you to put a password on your psp, it's not flashed yet, but it will.

    here is an extract from the readme about the changelogs since v0.9 and installation:

    -Unzip the archive at MS root
    -Edit the vsh.txt file and add ms0:/seplugins/protectme.prx
    -Set the password you'd like using the eboot installer (don't do it if you don't want to set a passwrod.
    it'll still save the history of power on...
    -Activate the plugin through recovery menu.


    Final Release Revision 0.9b
    -Changed (not really important, but I got bored of the old ones...) ICON0 and PIC1 (still Fraise's creations)
    -Now there is only 1 file, the installer, the prx is not in the package anymore as it is
    autogenerated by the installer(noobz might be delighted as they don't have to copy it to
    the right place (hard job isn'it?, no just kiding)). But you still have to add the good line into vsh.txt...
    -Two more options in the installer:
    - now you CAN exit without, making any changes (in case you just wanted to see the wonderfull menu, who knows?)
    - you can delete the plugin (which will diseable it) from the menu.
    -Not much important, but I added few colors to the menu...
    -Corrected a display bug.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    couldn't you just remove the memory stick? when it is flashed, this would be a very useful little plugin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prasoc View Post
    couldn't you just remove the memory stick? when it is flashed, this would be a very useful little plugin
    I suppose since it's not flashed it would be based on memory stick

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