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Thread: DS-X Firmware 1.1.3 Coming Soon

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    NDS DS-X Firmware 1.1.3 Coming Soon

    The DS Xtreme team posted this:


    1.1.3 Beta that has been uploaded 1-2 days ago and is actually the release candidate. We were internally testing it since then in order to prevent major issues from happening upon release. Thats why there is no proper announcement or support for this firmware as of yet.

    I would not personally call it a "leak" as it is a destined-to-be official firmware running alongside the currently labeled "stable" 1.1.2. We will not shutdown 1.1.2 when releasing 1.1.3 Public Beta, it will be a public beta and thus we enable users to jump back and forth as its one of the few Firmwares working properly on both 512MB and 2GB units as well as a beta

    The "leak" was more of one of our users/customers attempting the naming sheme and incrementing the number to 1.1.3 to see if it was up or not, and he got lucky

    To be honest, we could have named it 100 different ways so nobody snooping in this rather amusing fashion could grab it, but as it was really close to release (I think we are a few days off for the official release) and this 1.1.3 having a high chance to be the "final" of this beta, we didn't

    So while we do not support it due to the simple reasons of us not being aware nor sure which issues it may cause that could/would be beyond repair, we discourage using it right now, but if it pans out to be "safe" to update to it, we will come out with a proper announcement, should be in a few days time.

    To make sure everyone got it right, here is the sum up:

    The Firmware is a release candidate of 1.1.3, we are currently doing internal tests in order to be sure it will not kill your DS-X or do any harm beyond repair to it, thus we currently chose not to offer support for it.

    It is not a "real" leak since it was only obtained through URL probing, while a leak would point to one of our inner sources having given internal information to an outsider, which in this case has not happened.

    If this revision of 1.1.3 makes it through our tests, the final release of 1.1.3 Public beta will be announced on our website ( and will be fully supported and last but not least, it will run alongside of 1.1.2 - Which means we will not remove or shutdown 1.1.2, you will be able to jump across both firmware revisions officially and still keep your warranty.

    So have some patience and you should be on the safe side if you care about warranty If not, its your beer

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    ...DS-Xtreme? An update? O_O

    *looks around cautiously*

    Is it starting to feel a bit chilly down here in Hell or is it just me?

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    Tread cautiously DS-X users! Past updates haven't gone smoothly.

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