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Thread: Survey about games for college - Help me!

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    Default Survey about games for college - Help me!

    Hi guys.

    I'm from Canada and I'm doing a project about consoles and games.

    I couldn't afford a trip to Europe neither to United Estates to interview people, so, I have to enter in some groups about consoles and games on facebook.

    I know my post is kinda a spam but it's just me trying to find people to helping me! I already have 64 answers and the goal is 300 surveyed. Can u guys please, answer the survey? I really apreciate. It will take only 2 minutes.




    oh, I received some feedbacks along the week from other sites. People were complaning about some questioons, but there's a reason from each question be that way. I also not english speaker, so, some minor grammar error you can find
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    LOL. Blade and Soul. Crossfire. That are what I am playing!

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