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Thread: Clicks for Devs - Starting in September!

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    Thumbs up Clicks for Devs - Starting in September!

    The PSP Scene owes a lot to Developers and the ways of thanking them are <b>Correctly linking to their sites</b> giving feedback and if they want or maybe ask a small donation as a thank you.

    Evil Dragon the extremely well respected co webmaster of GP32X has posted this news (and stickied too)in our forums:

    Well, some may know this from

    Clicks for Devs is a service I run there successfully since a few months, now I decided to start this service for the PSP scene as well.

    The idea is simple: I have a Google Banner on my site (
    But the money I earn from these clicks each month will be 100% donated to a dev.

    And who this is is YOUR decision!

    This is how it works:
    A few days before start of each month, there will be a voting between ten devs.
    A dev who won the voting once can't be voted again for at least 3 months.
    As there are more than ten devs out there, but we can't have bigger votings, the voting for the next month will consist of the places 2 - 5 from the voting before and 6 devs who haven't been in the voting before.
    I keep track of who was on the voting list when, so you can be sure it will be fair for all.

    When the dev has been decided, he gets the money from the clicks I make with the google banner. This doesn't mean you should go clicking there like hell - but you can be sure you actually support the devs simply by clicking.

    Now, I need some suggestions for devs (together with an information which program he created) for the first round!

    So start your suggestions NOW

    Respond here -->

    Lets make this a whole PSP scene effort and support Homebrew and Emulation on the PSP the <b>Correct Way</b>.

    Thanks to Evil Dragon for using the DCEmu Forums to launch this new Drive

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    Don't bring money into this. People do it out of love and money will just distract them. If people want to support indivdual projects, they will, but otherwise this will just cause problems. You should be more concerned with keep your site current and informative, then trying to make a nice payday for developers.

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