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I quickly presente principle, but I think everybody knows the emission: "Figures et des Lettres." The Account is good is the "figures" televise the game. Thereafter, I think also bear the "Letters": The longest word and include all in one game (with an unfolding of "normal": 1 coup digit-2 shots and letters ... management issues, and why not an "online", but really if I have time

New version 0.3, features:

-- Addition of a "screen-title"
-- Added levels of difficulty: easy / normal / drive
-- Easy: the calculations are done automatically, and a solution is still possible (even if it is bent)
-- Medium: the calculations are done automatically, but always the draw is random
-- Drive: the calculation is a faire "tete" with a random draw (original mode of the game TV and the one I prefer)
-- Adding a resolution algorithm (thanks Copper) has reached the end of a game (attention, given the solution is not always the most obvious).
-- Added Foley to make it a little more lively

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