News/release from Cid2mizard:

Say hello to the new version of my video library, "Videos DS v0.6," with new features.

- Put your jackets in the \ jackets, they are recognized depending on the number of the form (example: The film opens the 12 displays 12.jpg).
- You can add, edit and delete your files, save done as soon as you enter.
- Enter the desired value and affected by touching the icon corresponding. Once validated all filled with green validate the icon, you can revoked at any time by touching the icon yellow cross.
- You can scroll through the files in edit mode with the arrow Pad or by touching icons previous or next.
- The method applies to erase Latest details about your collection.
- When you edit or add a record it is indeed essential to a value in all sections (title, storage, quality, etc ...) and not to empty data. Risk of lag when reading data from the program.
- This is the video.txt file contains all your files, line by line, of course you can edit it with a text editor.
- The file contains video.ini safeguarding the number of films in your collection.
- Last thing for the star quality is the "*" for the views and / interest is the "$", noted on 5 therefore do not exceed 5 characters if you décallez data.
- Patcher DLDI if necessary.
- Your jackets must be in 128x192 resolution.
- Included French and English.

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