The last time we checked in on crowdfunding success story Star Citizen, Chris Roberts' space epic had pulled in over $41 million. Now that total hassurpassed $43 million.

Like previous earnings landmarks, that figure brings with it a new content addition for the long-awaited game. In this case, all backers will receive a gratis set of marine combat armor within Star Citizen. According to the lore description offered by Roberts Space Industries, the Omni Role Combat Armor mk9 offers mid-range protective capabilities, though it warns that for ultimate protection it's best to simply just avoid firefights. That seems like solid life advice in general.

Having already surpassed so many funding goals, Roberts Space Industries is now looking ahead to the seemingly inevitable $45 million mark where players will unlock the mysterious Hadesian Artifact. Instead of a useful item, Roberts describes the Artifact as "a puzzle players will someday compete to solve," though he makes no mention of how or why.

Those wondering how the Star Citizen development team has spent all that money should view the above footage. Released at last month's PAX East conference, that video serves as the first, and so far only, in-game look at Star Citizen.