After April's Virtual Console rush it's two first-party games that headline this week's eShop releases, and they're both on 3DS. Kirby: Triple Deluxe tickled us pink in our review while Mario Golf World Tour was more par for the course, and you can take both of them out for a spin starting today.

Elsewhere, you can use the GamePad to read minds in oddball adventure Stick to the Man, or you can keep it old-school by revving up Mach Rider on the Wii U Virtual Console. Back on the handheld, there's also Mega Man Xtreme andPicross e4 to keep your reflexes and wits honed.

The full list of new releases is below the break as ever, but on the old releases side there are a few sales and reductions to keep an eye on. You may want to check out Shin Megami Tensei 4 and Splinter Cell Blacklist for $30 each; that's a week-long sale starting May 5 for the 3DS JRPG, and a permanent price reduction for the Wii U stealth game, also beginning May 5.