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Thread: Wallpaper Changer / Randomizer v1.10

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    psp Wallpaper Changer / Randomizer v1.10

    News/release from Hellcat:

    HELLCATs Wallpaper Changer

    The name's the deal - this changes your wallpaper for the XMB, no more, no less

    However you have a few features:
    Two modes of operation: "Everytime" and "Once per day" (see readme for details)
    You can set special, predefined images for a specific date (again, check readme)
    change the XMB background *BEHIND* the waves (a.k.a. 01-12.bmp) - WITHOUT writing to flash!
    (the last one lets you set a fixed wallpaper for the specified date instead of using an all random one)

    That's it.
    Short and painless.
    Maybe someone might like it

    UPDATE 1.10
    Added capability of changing/randomizing the background *BEHIND* the XMB wave lines
    (WITHOUT touching the flash0:! So, perfectly save )
    Read the notes about this in the readme when having trouble with it!
    Wallpapers are now finally copied BEFORE the XMB loads, so you see the change imediately, not at the next reboot
    Major internal changes (making the plugin pure kernel mode and dealing with the consequences), the usual bug hunting and some cleaning up of the code.

    Uh, and since I forgot to put it into the readme: *lol*
    Put your .BMPs that are supposed to become your background behind the waves into this folder on your memstick:

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
    via hellcat

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    Very nice plugin. IMO, this is the best way to put waves over the background.

    I got a question though. Will I be able to change the "random" wallpaper (by holding circle, or setting it back by holding triangle) setting if I'm using DAX's TimeMachine?

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    waves over you mean there together?

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