News/release from Dolphin Projects:

After the "stupid" project fPSPVista, I will come back with Mac OS X Leopard, but it won't be in flash, just in html and javascript!

So keep in mind that fPSPVista is over and a new portal is being developed in HTML/JS!

Common features of Mac OS X Leopard:
Startup and login of Mac OS X Leopard works perfect
Change wallpaper (right now it's a temporarly wallpaper)
Login screen (create account directly from PSP)
Special minimize (the button in the right corner on the opened window)
Safari works perfect, but reload
Directly update Mac OS X Leopard from PSP using the "Software Update"
AppleLOGO-button works perfect, and the buttons in it - 50%
Finder-bar works - 0%
iTunes (flash-version) by nickdagamer - 25%
Dock works perfect, links works perfect (zoom-feature is just a bigger image) - 50%
Applications and games works perfect - 0%
More features may come later...

Download Here