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Thread: Hellraiser PSP (Doom Mod)

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    Default Hellraiser PSP (Doom Mod)

    Now, after seeing all of WADs I linked you, you probably said they are easy-peasy. Now I'll give you the suprise: Hellraiser does opposite.

    Hellraiser replaces completely EVERYTHING. If you're new to Doom mods, this may be not for you. Authors of this TC done their best to make the this HARDEST MOD FOR DOOM2 EVER MADE.

    Don't try playing it on Nightmare (unless you wish to die), you'll never make it. I played it on easiest difficulty level and still had a hard time.

    Only few people in the whole world completed the whole game without any cheats.

    When game starts, you'll hear "Nowhere to the run this time".

    Download via Hellraiser for PSP

    Please report if dead link
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    Awsome thanks for the upload

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