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Thread: Duke Nukem PSP (Doom Mod)

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    Default Duke Nukem PSP (Doom Mod)

    I heard that somebody on DCEmu asked where he can get Duke Nukem WAD. Reply is here.

    Download via Duke Nukem for PSP

    UPDATE: Screenshots are out of date. WAD is modified now. Has no new HUD, but everything else is changed, has 8 levels more than previous one, and even has Octabrains If you don't like Doom HUD, you can always set Screen Size to max in Options.

    Thank you sooo much Sin for making this WAD, it really suprised me! Look what it done to my eyes!

    Please report if dead link
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    thanks for finding all these WAD's man. Have you tested all of them?

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    Yes, I tested all of them and all of them work. Although some of them are crashing sometimes, they are still big load of fun to play

    Rest of the WADs will be in special package, about 10 in 1. I'll post them very very soon

    P.S please i made this package now so please post it on QJ.NET download page, but don't delete anything please!
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    Default dcemu uk fourm

    Things I'd like to add:
    - Better onion skinning.
    - Better save system. At the very least, thumbnails or something.
    - Offsetting (like to scroll the background a few pixels per frame).
    - Less stylus jumping.
    - A Mario Paint style music sequencer.
    - Playing a wav/mp3/etc. file along with the animation.
    - Recording a sound track with the microphone.

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    On the topic of WAD's of other ID Software games, I've got a load of WolfenDoom WAD's with the DEH file that I can't play on my PSP.
    I stuck all the files in in WAD's folder. I set Doom2.wad as the main WAD, the Wolfenstein.WAD as the PWAD and the Wolfenstein.DEH as the dehacked.
    I know there's a PSP version of Wolfenstein available but I just liked the idea of Wolf3D maps etc recreated for Doom 2.
    If anyone knows where I'm going wrong, can you give me a hand?

    Edit: Here's a the link I found the collection
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    How do i install the game im new to homebrew and dcemu?

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