Like a pilot shadowing its powerful tank of a Titan, Bluepoint Games' Xbox 360 version of Titanfall followed Respawn Entertainment's Xbox One and PC versions out of the launch gates. Given that Bluepoint is tasked with mirroring Respawn's game as closely as possible on less powerful hardware, the follow-me strategy makes a lot of sense - so much so that it's going to continue with future content updates, including free patches and the Expedition DLC.

"We have [Bluepoint] following Respawn's lead bringing updates and improvements to the Xbox 360," a post on the Titanfall website reads. "We are fully committed to supporting the Xbox 360 version and to ensure that regardless of what platform you play Titanfall on, the experience is as good as can be."

The post notes that Bluepoint is currently working on the Expedition DLC in addition to Content Update 2, which added the gooser challenge and support for private matches to the Xbox One and PC versions. Expedition will reach the Xbox One and PC in May for $10, with Bluepoint's follow-up planned to reach the Xbox 360 in June.