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Thread: NORT 0.2 relased

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    Default NORT 0.2 relased

    get it here:
    attatchment below

    NORT 0.2 (2 player version only for right now)
    by dragula96

    version 0.2 changes/fixes
    -added cycles to playfield
    -changed blue color line and cycle to yellow
    -removed white line in the middle of cycle walls
    -changed background to a nicer one
    - fixed bug where some people were not able to run game(ihope)
    -fixed bug that would let you go "out of bounds" at the top

    known bugs in 0.2
    -pressing diagnaly is NOT RECOMMENDED, and slows down the game indefinetly
    -if game goes on to long then slow down will occur however i cant find anyone
    to test this with so i dont know how much slowdown you will get

    version 0.1 NOTES:
    0.1 very first release, with very basic graphics
    will be updated very soon with better graphics
    and eventualy computer AI

    Select = screenshot so dont press it if you dont want to take a pretty picture of my awsome program
    simple: just make the other player crash into your "wall of death" before he does it to you
    watch out the side walls and you are not immune to your own walls either.

    (note: the game still does not keep track of score , players will have to do this in their heads)

    player 1 controls "blue racer" with D pad
    player 2 controls "red racer" with buttons (triangle,square,circle,cross)

    this is only a test build please let me know if any bugs are found.

    (uploaded to forums -click manage attatchments to load )

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    awesome release

    uploaded to forums

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    Kudos for coding a TRON game for the PSP, but unfortunately the game grid is a little too small to make for any decent gaming. I appreciate the attempt at a Tron game, but it's not overly playable. Sorry

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