News/release from Luv

I'm from antwerp so if my english is crappy... sorry.

What this program do:

- copy fw installers on the right place
- check if the fw file is in the root before copy any fw update
- copy recovery plugin in seplugin
- copy the pandora installers (1.50 / 3.52 m33 / 3.60 m33 / 3.71 m33 / 3.80 m33)

To do List:

- making a big help function
- edit / create the recovery txt files
- convert a battery
- make a magic stick
- Fix the o3.52 update
-> Dax installer put it in \GAME150 and not in \GAME
-> This is needed to update from 1.50 to 3.52 m33
- Make a 1.50 version


- Toolbox will not start in Fw. 3.71 M33-*
- crash after copying twice in the update folder
-> This is not a problem cause you can only have one update at a time
-> When you copy the wrong update then restart the application
--> (or try to copy and let it crash. Sometimes it works) [strange]

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