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Thread: iPhone guns for PSP and DS market share as Gameloft commits, Id too

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    General games iPhone guns for PSP and DS market share as Gameloft commits, Id too

    While Apple continues to market the iPhone as a 3-in-1 device -- web, phone, and iPod -- it's clear that Jobs has a 4th market clearly in his sights. It's no accident that EA and Sega were both selected to demonstrate their skills with the iPhone SDK during last week's press event. Now Gameloft, the worldwide number one mobile game publisher in terms of revenues -- has committed to developing games for the iPhone. "Over 15 titles" are expected in 2008, in fact. Oh iPhone, is there anything you can't do with your 3D processor, multi-touch display, and 3-axis accelerometer? Oh right, GPS, 3G data, corporate Exchange, A2DP Bluetooth audio, MMS, ... you get the idea.

    Update: John Carmac -- co-founder of Id Software -- just commented that, "We (Id) have put in our application like everybody else." So yeah, it'll play Doom... officially this time.

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    pft... still wouldn't get me to buy one

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiggy fuzz View Post
    pft... still wouldn't get me to buy one
    Exactly. It's doomed to mediocre mobile games like Bejewled because it doesn't have normal controls. And, I don't consider the best game it has, Crayon Physics, to be a killer app.

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