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No matter whether the Nintendo DS™ has been the first portable console you own or not, you probably have heard of Nintendo's popular Game Boy™ franchise, one of the most innovative products in the history of portable gaming devices. The first Game Boy™ pioneered the industry by introducing removable cartridges into the handheld device, such that the gamer can play a library of games on the same console.

Later, the Game Boy Color™ came along with its colorful display only to be replaced by the Game Boy Advance™ which combines a sleek appearance and functions that rivals some family gaming system. Game Boy Micro™, the last in the line of the Game Boy franchises simply topped them all in terms of style and functionality. At approximately the same size as an ipod mini, it has the graphical capabilities that competes with that of the Nintendo DS™.

A special red/gold colored Gameboy Boy Micro Famicom Version has been released in Japan, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the creation of the first Nintendo Entertainment system in 2005. The back of this console is printed with the company's mascot, Mario's profile surrounded by a wreath of laurels. To commemorate this event, the shell of the system is playfully designed to mimic the appearance of the original Famicom console. This has also been the very first Game Boy Micro™ limited edition released and has become a very valuable collector's item.

The GB Micro supports all Game Boy Advance™ games no matter which release version it is and displays the graphics with a screen that is far superior to its predecessors. To all those who have missed out the opportunities to obtain this wonderful system and the classic gaming experience, this is one great opportunity! This system is not only on sale at, but is chosen as this week's special item as well!

The Game Boy Micro (Famicom Version) is now available at a bargain price of US$ 59.99 only!