Yep. As requested we add the Nintendo Wii to our 2 in 1 campaign at

What is it about? Basically 3 things.
1. An multiplatform App-store for Windows, Linux, AmigaOS, OSX and more
2. INDIEGO-OS A hybridOS which allows to setup easily a console like experience on any computer device you like
-> Developers can aim them as a single target, reducing costs and enlarging potential user base
3. AEROS a hybrid OS compatible to AROS (former Amiga research operating system) and Linux

INDIEGO-OS for Wii will be only usable in combination with the Homebrew channel.
But than you unleash a beast : )
You can browse through Games, Demos, Music and Movies from Atari era up to today.
Download what you like, enjoy and keep it updated.
This way the good old Wii will offer more bang than modern consoles.

There will be no piracy or illegal content.

This video shows the latest lowed version running on a SAM440@733MHZ which is very similar to a Wii