News/release from Bumuckl:

Nickname: Bumuckl
Projet name : Motion Pong 0.2
From : Germany
Division : PSP Game
Original enter : YES
Support Motion : YES
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10 : NO
Project description:

Motion Pong 0.2 is a special Pong Game for your Sony PSP.
Motion Pong 0.2 can be played with the "Neoflash PSP Motion Kit" or via
the PSP Cursor Controls either. It's your choice.
The CPU Bot(that's the enemy paddle) is pretty good, but it can be beaten.
If you can keep the ball flying for a long time you will get some powerups to
slow down the speed of the ball, increase the speed of your paddle or stop
the bot for a very short time.

-added a small menu
-non-kit version and kit-version packed in one application
-fixed bot-difficulty(before it has been unbeatable)
-added 3 power-ups:
°Increase the speed of your paddle
°Slow down the ball
°Stop the enemy paddle for a very short time
-change the way of controlling while playing (X and O)

Here is a short video of Motion Pong 0.1 which has been released in 2007
(The video shows version 0.1, not version 0.2!):

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