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Thread: Idea: No firmware update program

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    Default Idea: No firmware update program

    I was just kinda thinking, I want to stay with firmware 1.5 for my psp because I like to play my emu's and other homebrew things. But When such games as GTA:LCS comes out, its gonna be really tempting to buy it and lose all of my Homebrew and emu's.

    I'm no wizard on programming, but I want you guys who know more about programming to tell me if my idea would work. I was thinking that someone could make a program that works sort of like how a cd that plays backups for ps2 does. It would run off the mem stick and then bring you to a screen that tells you to put the UMD in and it would run without updating.

    Think that would work, or no?

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    ... just wait on the game to come out first. Ideas concearing this stuff are very very annoying (as we have heard them all) just let the pros do their things eh?

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